How to use your Hyperice devices

Unpack some of our top products with industry experts and Hyperice advisors, who are here to help you get the most out of your new purchase.

Hyperice Education video's


What do massage guns do?

Learn more about the Hypervolt line and how these massage guns can help you reach your full potential by increasing your range of motion and reducing muscle fatigue.

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Learn why nothing beats Normatec

Explore the top benefits of Normatec massage and why top athletes, celebrities and consumers swear by this dynamic air compression massage.

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Learn how to use the compact size of the Hypersphere to it’s full capability so you can loosen up every part of your body with this easy to use vibration ball.

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Learn how to adjust the heat and vibration settings on your new Venom product and how to best strap your Venom Back, Venom Shoulder or Venom Leg onto your body.

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Learn how to get loosen up before every sportsession. Extend your sport attributes with this vibration roller with multiple vibration levels to target every muscle.

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Routine: Normatec recovery with Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr

See how CrossFit Champion Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr uses the Normatec to stay at the top of her game and discover some of her top recovery tips.

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Routine: Hypersphere Mini maintenance with Joe Holder

Nike Master Trainer and Hyperice Athlete, Joe Holder, guides you through a routine to help you unlock tight muscles with the Hypersphere Mini.

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Routine: Alleviate back discomfort with physical therapist Vinh Pham

Physical Therapist, Vinh Pham, takes you through a Hypervolt routine aimed at reducing stress and tension in your lower back.

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Get more out of your tech with the Hyperice App

Expert guidance

Hear from experts like Physical Therapist Kelly Starrett and Nike Master Trainer Joe Holder on their latest wellness tips and how to best use your devices.

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Automated Bluetooth control

Connect your Hyperice Bluetooth devices to the App for automated control and adjustment of percussion or vibration speeds via guided  routines.

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Athlete stories

Explore top stories from #TeamHyperice and learn how their favorite products help keep their bodies ready for competition and success both on and off the field.

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What is contrast therapy?

Unbox Hyperice X with Men’s Health editors and learn how the innovative device can help you combat stiffness and soreness in your knees.

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Start your mindfulness journey with Core

Learn more about the Core meditation trainer, what sets this device apart from traditional apps and the benefits of making meditation a daily habit.

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