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Ditch those sore muscles and upgrade your wellness routine with Normatec. Warm up quickly, recover faster, and feel fully revived with Normatec’s restorative massage.

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The world’s most recognizable leagues and teams use Hyperice as their recovery standard.

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What does Normatec do?

Science-backed recovery

Science is in our DNA. Normatec was created by a MD, PhD and designed with input from top pro athletes and sports medicine professionals.

Conquer sore muscles

Normatec is proven to help with lymphatic drainage, and decrease pain and soreness so you never have to let DOMS cramp your style.

Give your body a boost

Normatec’s compression therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, allowing you to recover faster.

Backed by science

How to use your Normatec?

Begin by choosing the appropriate device – be it for your legs, arms, or hips. Secure it comfortably around the targeted area and turn on the control unit. Select your preferred intensity level and let Normatec’s patented pulse massage patterns reduce muscle stiffness and enhance recovery.

For optimal results, relax and allow the device to work its magic, providing a deep and invigorating massage that targets key recovery zones.

Maximizing recovery and performance: exploring Normatec compression benefits

Improved recovery time

Accelerated recovery time through improved blood flow and reduced muscle soreness.

Enhance overall wellness

Enhanced flexibility and range of motion (key for peak athletic performance) and reduced risk of injury by promoting healthy circulation.

When you need TLC

Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking to push their boundaries in training and recovery. Along with a host of health benefits backed up by peer-reviewed research, this unique massage feels truly amazing.

Improved recovery time

Accelerated recovery time through improved blood flow and reduced muscle soreness.

Behind the design of Normatec 3

Invest in your wellness and raise your performance with the original leg recovery system. Created by scientists and loved by athletes, Normatec is built to the standards of the world’s best, with meticulous craftsmanship, and patented and proven technology.

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Frequently asked questions

Normatec sessions are typically recommended to last between 20 to 60 minutes. Typical duration is 20-30 minutes, but using it for as little as 15-20 minutes at medium intensity can already provide benefits like increased circulation and reduced muscle stiffness, especially before a workout.

Normatec can be used both pre and post-workout. Using it for 15-20 minutes at medium intensity before a workout can help increase circulation and reduce muscle stiffness. After a workout, 20-60 minutes of medium to high-intensity treatment can aid recovery by improving circulation and lowering blood lactate levels.

Normatec is suitable for athletes of all levels, from amateurs to professionals. Its benefits in enhancing recovery and performance make it a valuable tool for anyone engaging in physical activities.

Normatec differentiates itself with its patented pulse technology and range of products targeting different body areas. Its ability to provide dynamic air compression, tailored intensity levels, and ease of use make it a standout choice compared to other recovery devices.

Yes, beyond sports recovery, Normatec can be beneficial in medical and therapeutic settings, especially in managing muscle fatigue and soreness or for recovery from certain types of injuries.

Normatec is versatile and can be used both at home and in professional settings. Its user-friendly design makes it accessible for personal use, providing professional-level recovery conveniently at home.

When incorporating Normatec, users should consider their specific recovery needs, the intensity and duration of use, and how it complements other recovery methods. It’s important to tailor the use of Normatec to individual recovery goals and physical conditions. When in doubt always refer to guidance from your doctor or health professional.

What is Normatec used for?

The Normatec line can be used in a range of scenarios. Athletes across sports disciplines use it extensively for recovery and performance enhancement. It’s also an invaluable tool for those dealing with muscle fatigue, soreness, or recuperating from injuries. The versatility of Normatec makes it a perfect fit not just for high-intensity sports but also for everyday fitness routines and lifestyle needs. Whether recovering from a marathon, a strenuous workout or simply seeking relief from daily muscle fatigue, Normatec offers a solution to enhance your physical well-being.

“It feels like some sort of magic”

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