Immediate, soothing relief

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Many of the world’s most recognizable leagues, teams, and federations use Hyperice technology as their athlete recovery standard.

Fast. Hot. Relief.

Treat and target muscle soreness & tension with heat and vibration therapy.


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The most advanced heat and massage wearables on the market

With all-new HyperHeat™ technology, the Venom 2 and Venom Go heat up 6x faster than a standard heating pad – providing instant, soothing relief to sore muscles.

Venom 2. Advanced heat + vibration wrap

The Venom 2 alleviates muscle soreness and melts away stress in your back, shoulder, or leg. With a new user interface, increased surface area, and additional straps for a more customized fit, the Venom 2 allows you to wrap with warmth like never before.

-6x faster heat
-Adjustable compression fit
-HyperHeat™ technology

Venom Go. Advanced heat + vibration wearable

The all-new Venom Go is the ultimate companion for portable relief. Providing a heated and/or vibrating massage for convenient spot treatment on-the-go.

-9 heat + vibration combinations
-Up to 20 uses per pad
-HyperHeat™ technology

How Venom Go works

Connect pod and pad

Magnetically connect Venom Go pod to reusable pad and place on skin.

Select your intensities

Easily combine any 3 levels of heat with 3 levels of vibration for a perfectly customized massage.

Spot treatment on-the-go

Venom Go is designed to target the sorest spots hands-free so you can recover while you’re on the run.